We love our pets! Whether they have paws, wings, or fins, our pets are part of the family. Our annual “Pets in the City” is our chance to highlight ION Arizona’s readers with their pet friends. This is also a chance for us to raise funds for the Joshua Tree Pet Assistance Project with our modeling readers’ donations. Joshua Tree is dedicated to preserving the bond that their clients  with HIV/AIDS share with their pets by providing low-cost and no-cost services, referrals and food if they’re facing financial issues. Nobody should go be sick or hungry—not even our pets—thanks to Joshua Tree Feeding Program. Find out more and donate to Joshua Tree. They’re wonderful! Visit JTFP.org

And if your dog needs bathed, brushed and a new ‘do, be sure to check out this issue’s sponsor, Doggy Daze, an upscale pet grooming and retail boutique and store with food, treats, collars, leashes, toys and more! Visit them online at DoggyDazeAZ.com or at 5555 N. 7th St. at Missouri Ave. on the NE corner. Call for your pooch’s appointment at 602-626-5006